Friday, September 12, 2008

State Representative Bill Keller

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Cement Masons & Plasterers Local 592 President/Business Manager Mike Fera President of the Building Trades Council Pat Gillespie, Assistant Business Manger IBEW Local 98 Mike Hnatkowsky State Rep Bill Keller, Ironworkers Local Union #405 NJ Councilman Al Fratalli

Local Labor leaders gathered at Doc’s Union Pub last week and joined in solidarity to help re-elect State Rep Bill Keller.

State Rep and Longshoreman, from ILA, Local 1291 Bill Keller with International Longshoreman Association friends, Sonny Howlette, Lou Carberry, Flip Renzi

Holding his pen and speaking of the The Delaware River Main Channel Deepening Project , Governor Rendell reckoned ,“I believe nothing is more important to the future of the ports of Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Delaware than this project,” as he signed into law a bill drafted by State Rep Bill Keller. Later on, Keller explained that "The new law created by House Bill 1691 takes care of the project agreement by allowing a hold harmless provision for the Corps of Engineers during the project's execution. Essentially, this bill set the plan into motion and will ultimately protect the Army Corps from paying damages associated with it." The last time the river was deepen, was during WWII.

State Rep Bill Keller and former 175 th Rep Marie Lederer

Still service oriented and caring about her Fishtown neighborhoods, retired State Rep Marie Lederer gives her nod of approval to State Rep. Bill Keller. Keller wants to grant older Pennsylvanians the opportunity to live in their current place of residence for as long as possible, also known as "Age in Place." Keller is drafting a bill that would establish and support NORCs, or Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, so senior citizens do not need to leave their homes and live in an institutionalized setting. The Age in Place legislation also will aim to help the residents of aging communities obtain the federal and state funding needed to live in their neighborhoods, prolong their independence, and improve their quality of life.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President, Jerry T. Jordon

City Comptroller Alan Butkavitz,

State Rep. Bill Keller

AFT Pennsylvania President, Ted Kirsch

State Rep Bill Keller encourages college bound high school seniors to apply to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship Program.“I know how many students may not attend college because they can’t afford it,” Keller said. “A scholarship opportunity like this shouldn’t be passed up.” Administered by the Foundation for Enhancing Communities, or FEC, the program is not affiliated with any political party and is renewable for up to four years of college. Two scholarships are awarded per year in the amount of one semester at a State System of Higher Education university, approximately $2,500.

K-9‘s for Keller

Keller is a co-sponsor of H.B. 2525 that would eliminate the substandard conditions and abuse that has been documented at some of Pennsylvania's large-scale dog breeding operations. Specifically, the bill would establish minimum and humane standards for the safety, health and care of dogs to ensure they are protected from injury and inclement weather and are housed in clean, adequately sized and heated enclosures. "Currently, a kennel owner can detain dogs in cramped, wire cages stacked from floor to ceiling with no heat, no exercise and little medical attention. I want to make my voice heard on behalf of the animals that can't protect themselves. We need to enact stricter guidelines for breeders now," said a compassionate Keller .

District Office

1531 South Second St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Phone: (215) 271-9190

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