Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Johnny Doc----Family Man!

Doc's wife, Cecilia Dougherty, determined and steadfast.

Daughter Erin runs the Charter school Doc founded.

Johnny Doc embracing Daughter Tara and Nephew George Fiocca

Doc is the type of guy that likes to take people under his wing. He's a husband, a father, a mentor, and a friend. He cares about people. He wants to make sure that folks can make a living wage. His neighborhood means the world to him, so much so, that he never left it. His love for all children, especially those kids that need a little extra help, is one of his shining points. As the past President of the Variety Club, a charity dedicated to handicapped children, Doc's raised millions of dollars for them and then some.

When he first ran for office, I attended his kick-off party. Here is my column from that day.
Doc Announces His Candidacy